Achieve Your Complete Weight Loss Goals


melina-headshot-1-july-2016-croppedReceive a personal, one-on-one session with celebrity Doctor and Nutrition Expert, Melina Jampolis, M.D. Dr. Melina (as referred to by her patients) has more than 15 years of clinical experience helping people achieve their weight loss goals. She’ll create a custom plan to help you achieve your goals, and will support you on your journey.

Your one hour consultation with Dr. Melina includes a basic body fat analysis, complete diet assessment, custom supplement recommendations, and nutritional counseling.
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korr-metabolic-rate-demoMetabolism testing helps you determine the precise number of calories your body burns at rest on a daily basis in order to help you figure out your daily calorie intake required to lose, maintain or gain weight. Instead of guessing how many calories you burn using a mathematical equation, testing directly measures the oxygen that your body consumes to determine your resting metabolic rate, which makes up approximately 65-70% of your total metabolic rate. Combining the results of this test with your daily activity level and your weight goal, Dr. Melina can help you design a more customized nutrition program to significantly increase your chances of success.

The test takes only 10 minutes to complete and involves placing a clip on your nose and breathing comfortably in and out of a tube. Testing should be done on an empty stomach (no food for 4 hours) and no caffeine or exercise prior to testing as this can cause a false increase in metabolism. Results are available immediately and you will receive a custom printout with recommended calorie ranges.

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*The Metabolic Test costs for $125


Body weight and BMI (body mass index) do not give you any information about your body composition and fitness level. Body fat testing, which includes an assessment of fat and muscle mass, is essential to determine both health and fitness levels. Segmental body fat is the most advanced in-office testing available as it determines the fat and muscle percentage in both arms, both legs and your belly (which is the most dangerous region to carry excess fat.) This can help you more accurately define your health risk and track improvements in fitness goals.

The test involves measuring the resistance to flow of a tiny electrical current throughout your body. Since water conducts electricity best, and muscle is much higher in water than fat, the scale can determine the percentage of each in specific locations. For optimal results, testing should be done 2 hours after the most recent meal and should not be done within 4 hours of exercising. The test takes approximately 20 seconds and the results and printed report are available immediately along with an assessment of your fitness level and health risk.

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*Segmental Body Fat Analysis testing costs $50/test